Problem with ping/telnet

murali nagarajan muralin at
Wed Feb 6 11:08:02 EST 2002

Hello David,

With your info, I am able to do a telnet from my board to the host, only if
I specify the port number. What surprises me is that the presence of both
/etc/services (entry to telnet is available with a port number) and the
/etc/protocols files. For some reason, may be the boot process is unable to
read these information.  But when I want to do a telnet to my board from my
host iMAc, I am unable to do. I get an error message "connection refused".

/proc file system is not mounted during the boot time and I mount it
immediately after getting the "bash" prompt.

With PING still looking for some leads...(I can ping from the host to my
taget board)

Any ideas?

> > - PING command does not work
> >   The erro message I get is   "ping: unknown protocol icmp"
> Don't know.  Might be a kernel compile issue or something, or it might be
> related to the second issue.  Not sure.
> > - Telnet program does not work which tells me that the service is
> >    The error message I get is "telnet: tcp/telnet: unknown service"
> This one's easy.  Telnet explicitly asks the system for the default port
> number for telnet service.  If you don't have a valid /etc/services file
> (with telnet listed), it won't be able to do so, and it will fail.  If you
> specify a port number by hand (e.g. telnet 23), it should work.
> Or you can just put in an /etc/services file.
> Later,
> David

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