io.h and I/O port access from user space

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Wed Feb 6 09:34:46 EST 2002

>Well, since you ask and at the risk of further demonstrating my
>Yes, I have ISA slots - well, actually, I have a PC/104 stack.
>Specifically, I've got an inhouse 603ev/MPC106 board on a PC/104 form
>factor running a linuxppc 2.4.x kernel.  I've been using an Adastra
>NSP-104 PC/104 module as my network interface card.  That card,
>besides its ethernet chip, also has a Super I/O PC87338 chip that
>controls two serial ports (i.e. SCC1 and SCC2).  Naturally, I just had
>to use those two serial ports, and, of course, it doesn't have nice
>little jumpers to set IRQ and IO base addresses.  Instead, it wants to
>be configured using Plug-n-Play which I obviously know nothing about.
>Anyways, I thought, hey, I'll investigate by using this nifty
>isapnptools package.  Silly me.
>But beyond my specific problem, I guess it got me to wondering in
>general about the proper way to write user space programs using
>inb/outb (and in my wildest fantasies of submiting a patch for

The best way here is to use the mmap facility of /proc/bus/pci to
mmap the IO space of the bus into your userland space, and then
write your own accessors.


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