Problem with ping/telnet

murali nagarajan muralin at
Wed Feb 6 09:05:03 EST 2002


We have a custom designed board G4 MPC7450 with GT64260 Galileo controller.
We have been able to port the Linux on this board. But we do have some
issues for which I will appreciate if some one could help me.

Implementation details:
We have used Mission Critical Linux 2.4.5-Pre 5 (derived from debian distro)
and PPCBoot 1.0.4 as our base versions. I used the file system meant for NFS
mount from the mission critical linux web site. We made necessary
modifications to the software to work on our custom design.

I am able to boot Linux successfully with a NFS mounted file system and a
Ramdisk (I could test upto 128MB size) based file system. But this was
possible only when I bypassed the /sbin/init and run the "Bash" shell
directly. I made changes to init/main.c to run the shell directly after
successful opening of the /dev/console. Bypassing of /sbin/init at boot time
is inevitable until we integrate a MPSC port based serial console driver
with our linux system. We have a crude one (emulates the low level UART
functions using MPSC) that just works.

We have the following difficulties:
- PING command does not work
  The erro message I get is   "ping: unknown protocol icmp"

- Telnet program does not work which tells me that the service is unknown.
   The error message I get is "telnet: tcp/telnet: unknown service"

What can be the issue? I suspect if any of the boot script is not done. I
ran manually /etc/init.d/rcS and /etc/rc3.d/* (my inittab says run level 3)
from the bash prompt. This did not help to solve my above problem.

I assume that TCP/IP is fine because I have performed NFS mount of the root
file system and can access all the files. The booted OS seems to be stable
as I have run some complex Linux applications and also able to build new
Linux images.

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