some questions on new dual 1Gig G4's support?

Timothy A. Seufert tas at
Mon Feb 4 09:39:49 EST 2002

At 2:02 PM -0500 2/3/02, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:

>According to the Apple developers note just released for this machine its
>model ID is simply "PowerMac3,5" which is unchanged from previous versions
>and already covered in the pmac_feature.c file.

Yep.  It is exactly the same motherboard as the previous set of
machines (733 / dual 800 / 867).  There might be firmware changes to
support the new cpus but the hardware is identical, and I believe
that Apple's intent with the model IDs is to identify motherboard
architectures, not cpus.

Tim Seufert

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