Keyboard in PReP boot loader - desparate for help

Leigh Brown leigh at
Thu Aug 29 22:53:46 EST 2002

Leigh Brown said:
> I'm using Hollis Blanchard's patches to get a framebuffer working in
> the PReP boot loader, and this is working really well.  In order to be
> able to type the command line in, the keyboard needs to work.  However,
> the keyboard code in the PReP boot loader does not work on my 7043-140,
> nor on a 7024-E30 that I have access to.  The same code works
> absolutely fine on a Carolina machine.  In addition to this, the
> keyboard works fine once the kernel has booted.
> I've been trying to get this working for the last three days and I am
> totally stuck.

My cunning ploy worked!  Shortly after I sent the email I got it working!



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