PowerSpan PCI / sym2 SCSI

Allen Curtis acurtis at onz.com
Sat Aug 24 00:35:19 EST 2002

> > However it only works if you select the "normal I/O" option with the
> > SYM53C8xx version 2 driver. SYM53C8xx version 1 does not work. Version 2
> > does not work if the I/O option is not selected.
> It might help if you described "does not work" in more detail... could
> you paste error messages?

More information here than would need...

> I've seen a problem on PReP where although the SCSI card is addressed at
> 0xc0000000, the BAR is 0x0 (because of the host bridge offset). From
> memory, the sym2 driver checks the BAR and if it's 0 errors out.
> Removing that check or enabling "normal IO" worked fine. Of course, this
> might not be your problem, but without actual error messages...

This sounds promising. Is this check in both versions of the driver? I don't
remember a BAR check. I thought it just ioremapped() the region. Could you
provide a reference? (line#)


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