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Tue Aug 6 15:32:09 EST 2002

I am in the process of implementing PowerSpan PCI support into the 8260 PPC
tree. It appears that all the translations are working but when I try to use
the SYM53C8XX SCSI driver, it fails during the script execution for the
snoop test. I have tried both versions of the SCSI driver with the same
results. The ncr_snoop() test terminates with a script execution error.

Below is a log of the boot messages with debug statements. If anything looks
out of the ordinary please let me know.

======== Log messages =========

isa_io_base 0x00000000, isa_mem_base 0x48000000, pci_dram_offset 0x40000000
Memory BAT mapping: BAT2=128Mb, BAT3=0Mb, residual: 0Mb
/* BAT setup for PCI base = 0x40000000, len = 0x10000000 */
est8260_pci:in sbs8260_find_bridges()
  EST8260_PCSR_BASE_ADDR 0x30000000
  PCI_ISA_IO_ADDR 0x40000000
  PCI_ISA_IO_SIZE 0x08000000
  PCI_ISA_MEM_ADDR 0x48000000
  PCI_ISA_MEM_SIZE 0x08000000
  PCI_DRAM_OFFSET 0x40000000
Setup PCSR registers
/* PCSR setup moves CSR from 0x30000000 -> 0xfe800000 */
setup_powerspan_pci (in): cfg_addr=0xfe800290  cfg_data=0xfe800294
setup_powerspan_pci (out): hose->cfg_addr=0xfe800290
powerspan_bridge_init() complete.
io_base_virt = 0x40000000
est8260_pci: do pciauto_bus_scan()
PCI Autoconfig: Device 15, Vendor 0x1000, Class 0x1000001
PCI Autoconfig: Found Bus 0, Device 15, Function 0
PCI Autoconfig: BAR 0x10, I/O, size=0x100, address=0x7ffff00
PCI Autoconfig: BAR 0x14, Mem size=0x400, address=0x7fffc00
PCI Autoconfig: BAR 0x18, Mem size=0x2000, address=0x7ffc000
PCI: Probing PCI hardware
Fixup res 1 (200) of dev 00:00.0: 30000000 -> 78000000
Fixup res 2 (1208) of dev 00:00.0: 40000000 -> 88000000
Fixup res 0 (101) of dev 00:0f.0: 7ffff00 -> 47ffff00 (I/O)
Fixup res 1 (200) of dev 00:0f.0: 7fffc00 -> 4ffffc00 (Mem)
Fixup res 2 (200) of dev 00:0f.0: 7ffc000 -> 4fffc000 (Mem)
PCI:00:00.0: Resource 1: 78000000-78000fff (f=200)
PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 1 of device 00:00.0 (N/A)
PCI:00:00.0: Resource 2: 88000000-97ffffff (f=1208)
PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 2 of device 00:00.0 (N/A)
PCI:00:0f.0: Resource 0: 47ffff00-47ffffff (f=101)
PCI:00:0f.0: Resource 1: 4ffffc00-4fffffff (f=200)
PCI:00:0f.0: Resource 2: 4fffc000-4fffdfff (f=200)
  PCI class: 0x0680
PCI: Failed to allocate resource 2(50000000-4fffffff) for 00:00.0
  PCI class: 0x0100
SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
sym53c8xx: at PCI bus 0, device 15, function 0
sym53c8xx: 0x07fffc00 = pci_get_base_address(base)
sym53c8xx: 0x07ffc000 = pci_get_base_address(base_2)
sym53c8xx: setting PCI_COMMAND_PARITY...(fix-up)
sym53c8xx: 53c895a detected
sym53c895a-0: rev 0x1 on pci bus 0 device 15 function 0 irq 19
sym53c8xx: device->slot.base = 0x07fffc00
sym53c8xx: device->slot.base_2 = 0x07ffc000
sym53c895a-0: ID 7, Fast-40, Parity Checking
sym53c8xx: 0x404ba000 = vtobus(0xc04ba000)
sym53c8xx: 0x404bd800 = vtobus(0xc04bd800)
sym53c8xx: np->base2_ba = 0x07ffc000 /* as read from BAR */
sym53c8xx: 0x4fffc000 = remap_pci_mem(0x4fffc000, 0x00002000)
sym53c8xx: ncr_script_copy_and_bind(src 0xc04f7ce0, dst 0xc04be054)
sym53c8xx: ncr_script_copy_and_bind(src 0xc04f7ce0, dst 0xc04be054)
sym53c8xx: 0xf0ccff07 = cpu_to_scr(0x07ffccf0) /* just byte swapping */
sym53c8xx: enter ncr_regtest()
sym53c8xx: snooptest() pc = 0x404bddc0, np->reg = 0x4ffffc00
CACHE TEST FAILED: DMA error (dstat=0x81). /* Script exec error */
  snooptest = 0x404bddc0, pc = 0x404bc008, end = 0x404bdde0
sym53c895a-0: giving up ...
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