Airport hard kernel freeze

Fernando Rodriguez fernando at
Fri Aug 2 06:54:51 EST 2002

Sorry if this is a known issue...

I have a Tibook running kernel  2.4.18-8.1 with a built-in
airport card. The card is running with WEP encryption.
When there is heavy airport activity *and* there is a high
cpu load (gcc, sox, ...) *and* the laptop is far away from
the base station (leading into several eth1: Tx error,
status 4) the kernel locks up hard.  No logs, messages,

The situation is perfectly repeatable, and each time, and
only in these conditions, the machine freezes; however
the lock-up is not immediate.  When the lock-up starts, I
can hear the swap and I/O stop, but I still have a few
(around 5-10) seconds where I can move the cursor,
activate windows, etc.  If during this time I do a sync, it
freezes immediatly.

Thanks a lot for your great! work guys.  If I can be of help, let me know.


Fernando Rodriguez

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