[RFC/PATCH] idle loop changes

Mark A. Greer mgreer at mvista.com
Thu Aug 1 07:48:31 EST 2002

Dan Malek wrote:

> Matt Porter wrote:
> > So, some new machdep calls that you can populate on a per board basis?
> > Are you just talking about them being used upon entering/exiting idle?
> I was just thinking the power_save() function could be unique to a
> board.  It has to be something combined with the power save mode
> chosen on the chip, so machdep calls may not be appropriate.  We are
> using names like ppc6xx_pm_idle, ppc4xx, ppc8xx, when it could be
> my_custom_board_pm_idle......Just don't assume one type of chip will
> use the same function on different boards.  When the idle/power save
> function is chosen, it should probably be done during board setup,
> not processor set up.

Why not use keep the ppc6xx_pm_idle, etc. as fallbacks (e.g., nothing
special about  your board so use generic 6xx one) and still use machdep
calls so its easy to override in case there is something special you need
to do for your board?


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