diff, patch, and symbolic links

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Thu Apr 25 05:25:01 EST 2002

On  24 Apr, this message from Eric.Oosterhof at radisys.com echoed through cyberspace:
>>I always do a 'make mrproper' and then an 'rm -f .config*' ( from the root
>>of the linux tree of course ) before generating any patch files.  Just be
>>sure to save your '.config' somewhere before you remove it.
>>This way all generated files including the 'include/asm' symlink are
> I did a 'make mrproper' prior, and I still have the symlink.  I also
> deleted it by hand, but that didn't help.  In fact, I even have that
> symlink in the original tree.  Is that the root of all evil?  Lastly, when
> I deleted the .config, and then do the diff and patch, patch complains that
> it wants to erase the .config in the ORIGINAL tree, which is totally wrong!
> I absolutely can't have the patch trying to affect the original tree - why
> does that even begin to occur?

Because your 'original' tree has the symlink also. Do a 'make mrproper'
in _both_ trees. That has always worked for me....

At any rate, there's no reason to have build files (symlinks, .config's
et al) in your 'original' tree.



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