diff, patch, and symbolic links

Ruhland, Paul PRuhland at microwavedata.com
Thu Apr 25 04:18:07 EST 2002


I always do a 'make mrproper' and then an 'rm -f .config*' ( from the root
of the linux tree of course ) before generating any patch files.  Just be
sure to save your '.config' somewhere before you remove it.

This way all generated files including the 'include/asm' symlink are

Paul Ruhland

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Subject: diff, patch, and symbolic links

I have a customized kernel tree, and am trying to create the appropriate
patch file.  I use diff -ruN, and then subsequently use patch -p0 to apply
the patch.  When I apply the patch, the files that I have changed in the
include/asm-ppc directory cause conflicts with the include/asm symbolic
links to the same files.  I think that I can resolve this by editing the
patch file to remove any reference to changes in the include/asm tree, but
the exclude file that I created that listed all the include/asm files should
have worked.  At any rate, I am looking for the "right" solution.

Eric Oosterhof

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