R128 Scaling.

Stefan Berndtsson stefan at nocrew.org
Tue Apr 16 22:53:10 EST 2002

Adrian Cox <adrian at humboldt.co.uk> writes:

> I started looking at that a while ago, but didn't get very far. To get
> much further (and also to tackle the VGA out problems) I probably need
> the chip docs, but I haven't really pursued them. My one email asking to
> become an X developer was ignored, and I don't know of any other way to
> get the docs currently.
> The scaling patches I worked on had a problem with display flickering.
> They also needed a general mechanism to get the physical panel size.

I guess I never mentioned it was your patch I messed with. When switching
to 640x480, I get flickering if running 60Hz, but with 85 (which is what
fbset reports for me now), I see no such thing.

> > When running something in DGA (xmame for example), with XF4.1 and UseFBDev,
> > the resolution is changed by MAME, but it seems it still gets the fullsize
> > resolution passed to it, because it draws completely distorted graphics.
> > The area indicates that 1024x768 is passed as resolution even though the
> > display is set to 640x480 using scaling.
> I didn't get this one resolved at the time.

Too bad.. I hope it can be fixed :)


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