ATI 7000 and dual-monitor X? (was Re: 9600 maturity?)

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at
Tue Apr 16 05:03:13 EST 2002

>#3: Newer video. Radeon7000 PCI is a good choice. This obviously isn't a
>factor when the system is to be used as a server though.

Seems like the 7000 would be a nice addition to spruce up my old
9500/G3 workhorse. It would free up 2 slots as I now have a Twin
Turbo, an ixTV, and an old Matrox card in there now.

1. Is the Radeon 7000 supported in XFree86? Rather, the real question
is, does anyone know of any gotchas trying to run it in accelerated

2. What about the included USB TV - any hope for that working in X?

3. What is the status of dual monitors in XFree86? Last I remember,
it could be made to work but only with fbdev - that running dual
accelerated monitors was not really working.

Stefan Jeglinski

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