PPB Bug in PowerSurge: was: 9600 maturity

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Tue Apr 16 05:01:32 EST 2002

At 08:57 +0100 04/15/2002, benh at kernel.crashing.org wrote:

>>Do you have suggestions on where I might begin a hunt for such an OF
>>patch?  I assume this is something that one could load in NVRAM under
>>any OS that will take care of the bug until the next time the NVRAM
>>is reset?
>Yes. DTS provides one for some machines (for example the 6400) if you
>ask. Some PCI card vendors with a pci<->pci bridge on their card need

I suspect I'm going to feel silly for needing to ask this, but how do
I contact DTS and what does it stand for?

I was aware that there was a patch for the 6400.   Does that same
patch solve the multi-level PPB problem in PowerSurge as well?

Thank you again.  I'm ecstatic to have received this info from you.
I wasn't expecting to ever get any info on this issue.  Most people
don't seem to know about it, or aren't willing to discuss it, maybe.

Jeff Walther

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