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Tue Apr 16 01:46:15 EST 2002

On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 12:02:19PM -0700, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> So perhaps we could get CONFIG_GENERIC_PPC32 into 2_4_devel just like this,
> I'll do the ELF section magic and address the serial concerns below, but
> without touching bi_recs at all for now?

Since pmac/chrp/prep haven't been ported over to CONFIG_GENERIC_PPC32
what are you planning on moving exactly?   You said the GT-64260 work
would be its own 'moral battle' and you don't 'own' K2 and Adirondack
anymore either remember...

> > One solution to the problem of the serial driver as a module is to
> > have the serial.o module have an empty rs_table (so it assumes no
> > ports when it loads),
> This is exactly what will happen in 2_4_alt if you build the serial driver as a
> module for CONFIG_GENERIC_PPC32.
> > and then have a ppc_serial module which does
> > whatever magic is needed to find out about the serial ports on the
> > system and calls register_serial for each one.
> How about making it prepchrp_serial instead?

If I'm reading this thread right, we would always need to do this since
we would always give the serial driver an empty table (and have a very
terse <asm/serial.h>.

> I would say that only a few
> systems would want that and it shouldn't be imposed on the rest of the PPC
> world. PMacs wouldn't need anything in rs_table at all, as they have no
> built-in NS16550 serial ports, the ISA serial port definitions currently given
> by <asm/serial.h> for CONFIG_ALL_PPC are for PReP and CHRP.

Again, if I'm following Paul correctly, <asm/serial.h> will just setup
the space for things and not have any definitions at all for the ports.

> And for all the
> systems I'm working with the point is moot as the serial driver must be
> compiled in for the console. So I think having the serial driver as a module
> and having it access hard-wired serial ports would be a very rare need, perhaps
> only for PRePs and CHRPs with video consoles. Therefore I would suggest having
> such a special module only for those rare cases where it's needed, and letting
> the rest not worry about supporting it.

I think what we can do is have the code which sets up the serial driver
work both when it's in a module and when it's compiled in.

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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