9600 maturity?

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 15 20:41:46 EST 2002

> I've not had too much trouble with my 9600/200mp. I haven't used it much
> since early 2.4, mind you (got enough other unix boxes on my desktop), but

Not too much?  Does that mean you can beat the crap out of all subsystems 24/7
with no hardware failure?  :)  Like a 'make -j20' on the kernel src with
several concurrent 'badblocks'?

> I haven't had much trouble with the PCI. I'm running a Promise Ultra66 and

Not much?  Does that mean it was reliable, or just sticky to configure?

> I'd definatley pick a 9600 to run linux on over an 8500 - if for no other
> reason than it having the very cool flip&fold case. 8)

Yeah that's a chief factor.  Does the flip&fold give easy access to RAM and
cache, unlike the 8500?  Do you happen to know how the internal cooling
compares between the 8500 and 9600?  I have several internal hard drives and

Thanks, Tony!  :)

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