9600 maturity?

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 15 17:43:41 EST 2002

Hi all.  I am considering getting a Powermac 9600 with a single 200 MHz 604e to
replace my 8500 as a production server.  I can't find any info so far on the
maturity of Linux's support of the 9600.  I read that a while back there were
SMP problems, video problems, and problems with some types of PCI cards in the
2nd PCI bus (the lower three slots).  The PCI problem was also had on MacOS at
some point in time, so I wonder if they worked around it with something like a
System Enabler and I wonder if such knowledge is incorporated into Linux.

Can anyone confirm whether Linux support of the 9600 is at least as rock solid
as that of the 8500?  I need it to be all around ideal or else it's not good
enough.  Or give ideas on where to search for it other than the mailing lists
at lists.linuxppc.org and lists.yellowdoglinux.com?  Google shows nothing so

Thanks to all who contribute to that hardware family.... well, and to anything
else too  :}

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