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Fri Apr 12 02:50:11 EST 2002

>> Don't get to conclusions so fast. We have already a whole bunch of new
>> machines support pending in _devel that has to be merged, and that will
>> happen after 2.4.19. Things aren't fast on a stable kernel, but that's
>> the way it should be.
>Then why won't you accept my PPCStar port into 2_4_devel?

I didn't say I didn't accept it. Paulus is the one to ultimately decide
about that though, but I understand if he wants to put a hold on new
boards until at least _devel gets merged into 2.4

>> Not having it as a module may prevent pcmcia modems from working.
>OK, now I see the fundamental conflict of interest. Your machines and mine
>can't coexist in the same kernel I guess then because mine can't work
with the
>serial driver as a module (because it's the system console) and yours can't
>work with it compiled in because of PCMCIA. Let's have separate

No, let's fix the brain-damaged serial driver ;)


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