dsp block size of dmasound?

Uwe Steinmann Uwe.Steinmann at FernUni-Hagen.de
Wed Apr 10 22:29:53 EST 2002


I just compiled linphone for linux ppc on a 2.4.18 benh kernel succesfully,
and was able to connect to a second linphone on another computer, though
there has been no voice transmission. After a small discussion with the
developer of linphone he wondered about the high latency of the sound card.

> > Warning: dsp block size set to 16384.
> OUCH !! 16386 bytes is very very high latency ! Your sound card is
> perhaps very old, or the driver is not very performant !
> I've never see that. The most I had was 8192.
> Recent PCI cards give 512 bytes.

This was done on a Pismo.
I wonder if the block size is normal for a Pismo or if this could be the
reason for the lack of voice transmission.

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