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Tue Apr 9 04:53:14 EST 2002

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 11:18:43AM -0700, Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Of course that fucker, then software eng. manager, now director of engineering
> Art Webb, wanted PeeMON on it no matter how stupid. I obstructed them as much
> as I could by not making a zImage for the Adirondack and telling them that it
> couldn't be done and that one had to boot vmlinux directly on Adirondack. But
> the fuckers did manage to put their PeeMON on Adirondack, of course stealing
> all the very complex board init code from StarMON. They actually made it load
> the vmlinux ELF image and pass it a bi_recs list. But the only info they put in
> there was the memory size. No way to set the command line, select the root
> device, or boot with an initrd. So it's basically unusable. But the fuckers
> didn't care if they make a usable system or not, all they cared was that it
> says "PMON" on it, whether it works or not. No wonder they've recently had two
> big customer projects canceled from what I've heard, with that attitude.

Michael, don't hold back.  Tell us how you really feel.

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