dmasound audio patch

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Tue Apr 9 04:45:24 EST 2002

>I halfway understand the reasoning but I don't really agree with it.
>I don't see any significant problem with doing the byte swapping in
>the kernel.  From an engineering standpoint, it seems to make more
>sense to me to do this common function once in the kernel driver rather
>than redoing it over and over in every audio app, and keep getting bit
>by the same endianness problem over and over again.  Linus and the PC
>world don't have to worry about it, but us PPC types keep getting a
>delay in usable audio apps as a result.
>Oh well, I know I'm tilting at windmills here.  :-)

No, here you are hitting the lack of proper audio architecture
in linux ;)

It's not the kernel work, definitely, to do any munging on samples
even if it is as simple as byteswap. It's the role of a userland
based process to do mixing & format conversion. I hope alsa will
finally provide something around those lines.


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