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Tom Rini trini at
Tue Apr 9 01:20:26 EST 2002

[Just some code comments for now, actual comments in another mail]

> ChangeSet
>   1.925 02/04/05 23:09:25 msokolov at +60 -0
>   arch/ppc/kernel/setup.c
>     1.105 02/04/01 00:01:18 msokolov at +49 -5
>     Add generic PPC32 config

We shouldn't be #ifdef'ing externs, since it doesn't matter.  The
pmac/prep/chrp ones were hidden just because the line above was, iirc.

And the one downside to the GENERIC_PPC32 platform_init, is that we're
back to adding:
#ifdef CONFIG_x
 case _MACH_x:

Which I think Paul was happy to see die :)

>   arch/ppc/
>     1.127 02/03/31 23:58:43 msokolov at +18 -21
>     Add generic PPC32 config, implemented for
>     Adirondack, EV-64260A, and K2

Do any of these boards actually have an ISA slot?  IIRC, CONFIG_ISA is
used for stuff which could be plugged into an ISA slot, not so much
things that could be on the ISA bus.  Right now it's an ALL_PPC-only
option because it's actually needed for sound on some PReP boxes..

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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