dmasound audio patch

Bill Fink billfink at
Mon Apr 8 07:23:58 EST 2002


A friend of mine, Rob Scott, worked up a patch to the dmasound driver
that fixes some of the PPC endianness issues by doing byte swapping
in the driver.  He uses it on a Titanium PowerBook, and I am using it
on a dual 500 MHz G4 with good results.  Before the patch, using xmms
with the AudioCD Reader plugin, I had to use the esound driver since
the OSS driver just gave static.  Now I can use the OSS driver directly,
so there's no need to run the esd daemon.

I know this patch probably isn't politically correct, since as I understand
it Linus doesn't believe that things such as byte swapping should be done
in the kernel.  But then he lives on a little endian machine and doesn't
need to mess with dozens of broken audio applications.  So if you're not
worried about kernel political correctness, you might want to give this
patch a try.  Of course I make no warranty of any kind, but I can attest
that it works fine on a couple of different PPC systems with BenH kernels
around 2.4.18.

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