ppc LE questions (seeking help hand info pointers)

Mark Salisbury mbs at mc.com
Tue Sep 25 03:10:51 EST 2001

Timothy A. Seufert wrote:

> Assuming you've identified all the needed changes for PPC LE with a
> LE board (*), I humbly submit that Mark & co. should get to work
> making a patch if they really want this feature.  The only item which
> might touch very much code is #5 (anybody know how frequently such
> instructions are used?), and a strong argument can be made that those
> instructions should not be used by anybody given their clearly
> deprecated status.  The rest of it is small enough to be maintained
> outside the regular trees, so they will not lose big time if it gets
> refused for integration.

we'll see how it goes and let you know...

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