System map in XMON (was: Cardbus issues on TiBook)

Ira Weiny iweiny at
Sat Sep 8 09:47:48 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >Also I used this line "sysmap=/boot/" to load the system
> >map but then I realized you said OpenFirmware path.  How do I calculate
> >the openfirmware path to the system map?  And would this be dynamic when
> >I recompile if I just put the file in the filesystem or would I have to
> >reload it with ybin?  Thanks again for all your help.
> Put the net to the kernel, and copy/paste the kernel path ;)
> Ben/

I hate to be stupid but:

I tried this as well:


My kernel is in /boot and the was a softlink but I have tried
it not being a softlink:

/boot]# ls                first.b                vmlinux-fw  kernel.h               vmlinux-fw.2001-07-15   kernel.h-2.2.18        vmlinux-fw.2001-08-10  second.b               vmlinux-fw.2001-08-18  vmlinux                vmlinuz-2.2.18-4hpmac  vmlinux-2.2.18-4hpmac  yaboot            vmlinux-2.4.4-pre1-2

Are there permissions or something I have to change?  I have also tried
using the sysmap directive with the image= section like this:

        append="video=aty128fb hdc=scsi"

But that did not work.  Do I need a particular version of yaboot/ybin?
I have:
/etc]# /usr/local/sbin/ybin -V
ybin 1.0

I don't get it, sorry,
Ira Weiny
iweiny at

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