Cardbus issues on TiBook

Ira Weiny iweiny at
Sat Sep 8 02:36:19 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> >So my question is, what does the above message mean?  It is something
> >which is worked around later, or could it be the root of my problem?
> Some more infos about the panic would be useful. Enable xmon and tell
> me what it sayd about the PC & LR of the crash, and the backtrace
> (obtained with the "t" command). If you use a recent yaboot and kernel,
> you may even add sysmap=<> in yaboot.conf to get
> the loaded along with the kernel. This will allow xmon to
> display function names as well as addresses in the backtrace.

I saved the following XMON dump...  (already had it enabled and it
dumped me there when the crash occured.)  I have translated it for you.
But I don't have the PC or LR.  I will have to recreate the failure
later tonight after I get off of work.

Also I used this line "sysmap=/boot/" to load the system
map but then I realized you said OpenFirmware path.  How do I calculate
the openfirmware path to the system map?  And would this be dynamic when
I recompile if I just put the file in the filesystem or would I have to
reload it with ybin?  Thanks again for all your help.

Here is the stack trace from "cat /proc/ioports":


Thanks again,
Ira Weiny
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