BOOT PROBLEM recent kernels with gcc 3.0.1

Kaoru Fukui k_fukui at
Wed Sep 5 17:06:06 EST 2001


I have this problem for a long time.
gcc3.0.1 was able to rebuild bootable linux-2.2.19,and linux-2.4.7 from bk
tree. those kernel was successfull with gcc-3.0.1.

But all recent kernels are not able to boot with gcc-3.0.1 ,
which are linux-2.4.9 Ben's,linux-2.4.10pre3(BK tree)
and linux-2.4.10pre3(BK devel tree).
I had fail with all recent kernels when using gcc-3.0.1.

Those compilation is no poblem.
I have said  this to Mark who is gcc3's maintainer,his answer was not gcc bug.

Any help!


--------- the error from OF ---------
... ok
copying OF device tree...
DEFAULT CATCH!, code=300 at  %SRR0: 0132ec  %SRR1: 00003030
 0 > _

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