Sound on G4 tower, success

Lars Brinkhoff lars.spam at
Mon Oct 29 05:59:36 EST 2001

> Can you tell me if the version of dmasound in my current rsync helps
> getting sound our of speaker ? It should mute the speaker when the
> jack is plugged and unmute it when unplugged. Can you verify this
> behaviour ?

These are my results:

* kernel compilation without powerbock power management fails.
  (I resynced serveral times.)

* dmasound_pmac as module can't be loaded because of missing
  symbols (pmu_register_sleep_notifier, pmu_unregister_sleep_notifier).

* dmasound_pmac can be successfully compiled into the kernel, but
  there is no sound from neither the internal speaker nor from the
  loudspeakers.  I haven't tried the headphone output.

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