JDK 1.3

Kevin Hendricks khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca
Thu Oct 25 02:54:38 EST 2001


>> The IBM jdk 1.3.0 with JIT is available now for ppc linux (it needs a
>> 2.4.x kernel to work) from SuSE's ftp website.  Look in Updates for
>> SuSE
>> ppc 7.1 to find the binaries.
> Is it?

Yes, I downloaded it from the SuSE site week or two ago.

>>   Basically, they have already released or will
>> release the basic JDK but support for the Mozilla/Netscape plugin is
>> not
>> planned.
> Yes, I know.

IBM licensed the plugin from Sun.  So why won't they release it?

  I asked that question but no one at IBM seemed to have any explanation
but "we won't" and we are "a solutions company" and "we respond to the
customer".  All great ... but that does not explain the lack of support
for the plugin when they do the plugin for AIX.  I sometimes think the
AIX side hates the PPC Linux side at some higher up level.  I never go
that impression from IBM engineers or developers, just the "marketing
types".  If you have any way to convince them otherwise (the plugin
build itself is actually quite easy) that would be a big help.

> However, I use konqueror, where IBM's JDK does just fine.

Hmm, I tested it using konqueror and it always seemd to open the java
applet in a separate window and not properly embedded.  This is with kde
2.2.1?  Has that been fixed now?



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