hfs cdrom broken in 2.4.13pre

Michael Schmitz schmitz at opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed Oct 24 06:08:03 EST 2001

> > By 'it should be fixed' I meant the HFS driver should be fixed to not
> > assume a fixed blocksize.
> The block size of the file system is 512 bytes. The block size of the media
> is 2048 bytes. Two totally seperate things

Color me confused... It's clear now, thanks for your patience. Shutting
up, hunting for brown paper bag...

One final concern: your solution means we need (most of) loopback in the
kernel at all times, right? Makes it impossibe to build a kernel without
loopback, or with loopback as a module? Am I missing something still?


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