hfs cdrom broken in 2.4.13pre

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Tue Oct 23 23:26:28 EST 2001

> > One would hope so. All I remember about CDROMs is they use a different
> > blocksize which causes all sorts of funny side effects in generic code
> > that assumes the only sane blocksize is 512.
> No. The point is that filesystems should not make assumptions about
> hardware block size (except it being power of 2 I believe). If there
> was code in block layer to provide broken FS's compatibility and that
> code has been removed, then we must fix the FS. Who's HFS maintainer ?

The hardware block size is 2048. The logical block size of the file system
is 512 bytes, Someone has to do reblocking. So the choices are

1;	We hack crap into the file systems
2:	We hack crap into the drivers
3:	We listen to Al Viro

#3 (using the loopback device) solves everything nicely - it just needs to
be implied automatically

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