hfs cdrom broken in 2.4.13pre

Michael Schmitz schmitz at opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Tue Oct 23 21:26:31 EST 2001

> > Besides - hasn't HFS CDROM support been broken since a long time? Or was
> > that HFS? :-)
> There was a slightly more informed discussion about this in August 2000

One would hope so. All I remember about CDROMs is they use a different
blocksize which causes all sorts of funny side effects in generic code
that assumes the only sane blocksize is 512. Not having read l-k since '98
I missed that.

> on the linux-kernel list. The bug was found in the scsi code and fixed
> shortly afterwards by Jens Axboe, IIRC. This was in the good old days

So mounting HFS CDROMs no longer panics? But there's been other reports of
HFS bugs I think. HFS could use a larger overhaul, that might make
integrating HFS+ easier and either do away with the 512 byte blocksize
assumption or hide the conversion inside the HFS driver.
I know nothing about filesystems in general, much less HFS. If there was
another informed discussion on l-k on this topic I'd be happy to know.

> when people thought the upcoming 2.4 kernel series would be stable and
> bleeding-edge development would happen in a 2.5 series.



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