2.4.13-pre5 crash when mounting proc

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at 4pi.com
Sun Oct 21 14:02:12 EST 2001

6500, Linux/PPC 2KQ4 running 2.2.19, I compiled 2.4.13-pre5, rsynced
from bk yesterday. On boot, when it gets to "mounting proc
filesystem," I get a break into the mon debugger, but I have no
keyboard response (so no backtrace). The info I can copy is:

vector: 300 at pc = c02432fc lr = c00544e0 msr = b032 sp = c5dc3ef0

plus some more that I'm not sure will help much. For this output
alone, should I include System.map also?

Is this a known problem?

Stefan Jeglinski

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