Compiling BootX?

Andrew P McPherson apm at MIT.EDU
Fri Oct 19 13:39:12 EST 2001

> I missed your hardware config.  What was it, again?  If it's a 68k mac
> with a PPC card, you probably want to set it to the gestalt of a 5300.
> The kernel should then identify that it isn't really a 5300 and should
> half-heartedly attempt to boot anyway, then crash at some point.  Let me
> know the gestalt, and I can verify whether the MkLinux booter knows it.
> I can't promise that I'd be allowed to send you an update or anything,
> but at least I can check and see if it knows the gestalt.  :-)

I'm running a Quadra 700 with PPC card.  It allegedly has a gestalt of
116, which the booter doesn't recognize.  I also have a Quadra 800
available to work with, or a IIci with its own PPC card, but I suspect
that would be a lot of work to get going with the RBV framebuffer and

I tried setting the machine ID to a 5200/75, but it didn't make a
difference.  I'm starting to think that it crashes in the MkLinux booter
before it even gets to the kernel.  Or it crashes before it initializes
the framebuffer, but I thought there was some sort of early boot console
in LinuxPPC like there is in Linux/mac68k.

It looks like I don't have much choice other than to pick up an older copy
of CodeWarrior to work with.  Anyone want to sell me one? ;)


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