cross development enviroment

Jure Menart jure at
Wed Oct 17 06:34:22 EST 2001

I was writing before on this list, but now I can ask question with more
I try to boot linux on custom made board (with IBM 405 gp on it), and boot
process seems just fine until my system stops before calling init (for example
I was try to figure out what is wrong.. now I presume that my cross
development enviroment is broken.
I compiled it myself... and successfuly cross compiled PPCBoot & Linux
kernel so I thought that cross development enviroment works fine...
Are there any known 'features' with IBM 405gp and glibc 2.2.3? I was told to
use enviroment from (HardHat Linux), do you think it would
work better?

If anyone has any other idea I will be glad... I really don't know what to do.

Thanks for any tips/ideas/comments/answers...

Bye, Jure Menart

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