broken startup for scsi in 2.4.12 rsync'd this morning

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Sun Oct 14 03:42:49 EST 2001

Hi Ben,

I just worked through things with Justin on how to work around an issue in
the aic7xxx driver and all worked with your 2.4.11 rsynced yesterday

Today (this morning) I rsynced and got your 2.4.12 kernel.

I can not longer get past the initialization of the adaptec card (with or
without Justin's extra kernel parameters).  After it accesses the adaptec
card, it simply does a kernel panic.

I compared dmesg output and both at using Justin's 6.2.1 version of the
aic7xxx driver.

Do you know of any other changes from your 2.4.12 kernel from your 2.4.11
kernel that might impact use of an adaptec pic scsi card?

I did try rebuilding after an "make mrproper" just to make sure and the
same problems happened.  I have no trouble booting your 2.4.11 kernel with
Justin's aic7xxx kernel options.

Any ideas here on how I track this one down would be greatly appreciated.



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