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Michel Dänzer michdaen at
Sat Oct 13 21:01:59 EST 2001

On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 09:32, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> I would like to make a complete list of the methods people use to boot
> the PPC/Linux kernel on different platforms.  As a start, here is what
> I can think of off the top of my head:
> Powermac:
> 	vmlinux loaded with BootX
> 	vmlinux loaded with quik
> 	vmlinux loaded with yaboot
> 	vmlinux.coff loaded via OF netboot
> 	vmlinux.elf-pmac loaded via OF (disk or net boot)
> RS/6000 CHRP:
> 	vmlinux loaded with yaboot
> 	zImage.chrp-rs6k loaded via OF netboot
> RS/6000 43p-140:
> 	zImage.prep loaded via OF (floppy or hard disk)

	vmlinux loaded with boothack (from AmigaOS)

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