Last call for testing: yaboot-1.3.4pre3

Christoph Ewering Christoph.Ewering at
Sat Oct 13 11:23:18 EST 2001

Hello Ethan!

Maybe I missed something, but I do not run yaboot from a bootstrap-partition. I use a
bootscript and have yaboot on the same partition as MacOS 9.x and MacOS X. My
Linux-kernels are in the Systemfolder that also contains the bootscript, yaboot and yaboot.conf.

Is this boot-method not supported any more?
Cause yaboot 1.3.4pre3 can load the yaboot.conf but not the kernels (yaboot 1.3.4pre 1
could not read the yaboot.conf)

BTW. This is the first yaboot after version 1.? (well the one with this funny
penguin-picture, Ben wrote to me this is a very buggy yaboot, but it works perfectly on my
TiPB) that gets to the yaboot-prompt on my TiPB.


Ethan Benson schrieb:
> I am going to take the resounding silence as an indication that there
> are no problems with yaboot 1.3.4pre.
> I plan to release 1.3.4 this weekend unless someone speaks up and
> points out some problem.
> pre3 is up now, one test i would like to see is netbooting by holding
> down the `n' key on bootup of a PCI G4 (not G3), these machines appear
> to netboot with dhcp rather then bootp and i want to know if yaboot
> will parse the bootpath properly.
> On Blue G3s when booting via the `n' key the bootpath ends up being
> enet:bootp yaboot has to throw away the bootp part to work, what i
> want to know is if dhcp versions of OF use something like enet:dhcp or
> equivilent.
> Simply booting yaboot via `n key' netboot will answer this question,
> if its using something like enet:dhcp yaboot will fail to locate its
> config file and print out the device path it tried, just send me that
> error message.

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