vfat on bigendian

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Fri Oct 12 01:39:45 EST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Olaf Hering wrote:

> Alan has the patch.
> /mirror/SuSE/ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/ppc/kernel/BETA/patches/70__2.4.5-pre1_vfat_direntry_endianfix.diff.gz

Yeah, except it looks like that patch will generate trashed short names. I
did fix my patch (I had to add stuff in fs/vfat/namei.c to translate the
long name in Unicode for into little-endian, and to allow "proper"
comparisons and conversions of its wide-char form so that the short name
will be generated correctly. The corrected patch is attached.

/me procceds to put a paper bag over his head and sit in the corner. :)

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