Is there a specific Alan Cox series 2.4.X I should grab for ppc linux?

Keith Clayton keith at
Tue Oct 9 00:31:35 EST 2001

Hi Kevin,

I tried 2.4.10 from and it would lock hard once I needed VM.
I just compiled 2.4.10-ac8 this morning and so far so good.  I've got
112Mb on my machine and (conveniently enough) can run GNOME plus a few
apps before hitting swap.  So I took it right to the edge of physical
memory and then started Mozilla.  No problems.  With 2.4.10 (
this was certain death.

Previously I had 2.4.6 running which worked but would get very slow when
swapping.  Abnormally slow.  (Mouse would freeze temporarily while
swapping).  Not seeing that behavior so far.

Hope that helps a bit.  Not exactly a battle-tested kernel or anything
but so far I find 2.4.10-ac8 to be an improvement over <=2.4.6


On Mon, 2001-10-08 at 06:59, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:
> Hi,
> I really need to get 2.4.X stable on my machine.  Dan recommends the Alan
> Cox series of 2.4.X if I am having VM trouble.
> Is there a specific ppc linux tree I should grab to get Alan's latest with
> ppc specific added or should I just go grab his latest direct from his
> site?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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