VFAT not endian safe?

Brad Boyer flar at pants.nu
Tue Oct 2 13:59:26 EST 2001

Michael R. Zucca wrote:
> A closer look at the VFAT code seems to indicate that unicode names are
> handled in the native endian order by mistake instead of being converted to
> little endian. Looking around the other FS code, I wonder if this is a
> pan-filesystem issue.
> I'm using at benh 2.4 from about a month ago. Does anybody know if there is
> work underway to fix this problem or should I go ahead and start plugging
> away at it?

There was a patch for this problem floating around a while ago. I suspect
that if you get a new source tree, it would work. The problem was originally
reported on the linux-fsdevel list quite a while ago.

(And I have a module for hfsplus compiling, but I don't have it running yet.)

	Brad Boyer
	flar at allandria.com

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