2.4.10-ben0 doesn't see ide1

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Oct 1 05:12:11 EST 2001

>I'll see about testing one from today.  I still have a nasty problem of
>ADB locking up at random. Sometimes 2 minutes after boot, once almost 24
>hours after boot.  Gotten it in the console and X, so I was thinking its
>either some corruption from the new video drivers (ATY-CT) or maybe some
>funky DMA race condition.  Would the semaphore proposed in adb.c help
>this?  PMU interrupts still get thru.  remote login -> procinfo show
>things still good, battery status still updated (maybe).

Interesting... what is the exact symptom ? trackpad and keyboard
not working any more ? I don't think the semaphore thing would
change as it's quite specific to the ADB probe sequence.

Do you get things back if you send ADB flush commands to the
trackpad and/or keyboard ? (You can do that from userland
via /dev/adb).


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