2.4.10-ben0 doesn't see ide1

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Oct 1 03:51:48 EST 2001

>Rack this up as an OF bug on some systems I think.  I got it too
>(Wallstreet2/300).  The OF IDE nodes request what look like twice memory
>as much as they need.  Linux doesn't even use most of it anyway.
>The two ide busses in my system have resources 0x10000 apart, while they
>both reserve a size of 0x20000 (IIRC).  Since BenH's recent kernels
>reserve space based on OF, and then request it realistically, in this
>situation, it will fail on half of the resource allocation.  Even though
>we don't use the overlapping area...
>Quick fix? halve all the resource sizes of the ide nodes. (DMA's space
>also does this).  I don't know what the long term fix would be.

Ok, thanks for figuring out what was breaking request_OF_node on
those machines, I didn't yet had a chance to look at it in more
details ;)

A "good" fix would probably be to fixup OF ranges early during
boot, but for now, I think just limiting how much memory is
requested will be enough.

BTW. Once that's fixed, does media bay works on lombard & wallstreet
machines with my new kernel ? I rewrote the media bay driver but
didn't yet have a chance to test it on anything but Pismo.

Also, Joseph, did you notice similar problem with other OF resources
ranges or is this specific to IDE ?


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