Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri Nov 30 22:49:42 EST 2001

Currently include/asm-ppc/serial.h has definitions for the 4 standard
PC serial ports plus other oddball ISA multiport serial adaptors:
fourport, accent, boca and hub6.

Has anyone *ever* used any of these ISA multiport adaptors on a PPC
system?  I wouldn't be at all surprised if the answer was no.

I would like to move those extra oddball things out to
include/asm-ppc/isa-serial.h.  Then I think <asm/serial.h> should
include <platform_serial.h>, and if that doesn't define
STD_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS, define that to be the 4 standard PC serial

It boils down to the question of what default serial ports we think a
platform should get if it doesn't provide a platform_serial.h file:

- none,
- the four standard PC ports, or
- the four standard PC ports plus the oddball ones?

If we go for the second option and a platform wants the oddball ones,
it can #include <asm/isa-serial.h> in its platform_serial.h file.

Note that none of this will affect PCI multiport serial cards at all.



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