Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri Nov 30 08:55:18 EST 2001

Michael Sokolov writes:

> to ISA slot connectors. This is what the Adirondack does, and the result is
> that no matter what you do in the PCI domain, the primary IDE interrupt will
> always come in as IRQ 14 and the secondary IDE interrupt will always come in as
> IRQ 15.

Thanks for the explanation.  I'll ask Vojtech Pavlik and Andre Hedrick
if they can suggest a better way (drivers/ide/via82cxxx.c has
Vojtech's name on it).

Actually, I have just noticed this code in drivers/ide/ide-pci.c:

                if (IDE_PCI_DEVID_EQ(d->devid, DEVID_UM8886A) ||
                    IDE_PCI_DEVID_EQ(d->devid, DEVID_UM8886BF) ||
                    IDE_PCI_DEVID_EQ(d->devid, DEVID_UM8673F)) {
                        hwif->irq = hwif->channel ? 15 : 14;
                        goto bypass_umc_dma;

We may be able to get something similar added for our case(s).


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