libXrender bug crashes OpenOffice

Jason E. Stewart jason at
Wed Nov 28 09:37:38 EST 2001

Hey All,

While running Kevin Hendrix's build of OpenOffice I kept getting
Abort's for no reason. We've finally limited down to the Xrender
lib. When it's not on my system, OpenOffice runs fine, with it I get

Kevin found a bug in the library and fixed it and OpenOffice runs fine
on his system with libXrender installed. I downloaded the latest xlibs
source from sid and checked, but his patch hasn't yet been

Will it be included soon?


--- xc/lib/Xrender/Xrender.c.prev	Wed Oct 10 22:38:25 2001
+++ xc/lib/Xrender/Xrender.c	Wed Oct 10 22:39:09 2001
@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@
 	       rep.numVisuals * sizeof (xPictVisual));
     xData = (void *) Xmalloc (rlength);

-    if (!xri || !xFormat)
+    if (!xri || !xData)
 	if (xri) Xfree (xri);
 	if (xData) Xfree (xData);

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