VT82C686B IDE and Linux/PPC woes

Adrian Cox adrian at humboldt.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 06:01:00 EST 2001

Michael Sokolov wrote:

> Adrian Cox <adrian at humboldt.co.uk> wrote:

> P.S. When I took the pciauto_bus_scan() calls out, it saw the drive, but hung
> on the partition check. Disabling the VIA82CXXX support .config and leaving
> only the generic PCI IDE support made it really work. I guess the VIA82CXXX
> fast modes code still has issues to be worked out. Maybe it's because it
> assumes there is a BIOS and in my case there isn't one. (My minimalist firmware
> does not touch any VT82C686B IDE stuff at all, and yet if I want I can pull the
> IDE register addresses out of the BARs and see the drive there using ancient
> WD100x code.)

The driver assumes that the BIOS has correctly probed for cable types. I
believe this is because the board designer gets to choose which GPIO on
the 686B they wire the cable detection to. You'll need to check the
layout, and study that section of the 686B manual.

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