MACE networking (NOT!)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Mon Nov 26 19:09:15 EST 2001

>Hi, listas! I am engaged in a crusade to get a PowerMac 8500 with dual-604e
>card online running YellowDog 2.0. I have the 2.4.10-B0a SMP kernel
>installed, and am continually thwarted getting it into production due to
>faulty networking.
>The built-in networking refuses to work properly under Linux. I have no
>problems with MacOS, it operates with either a static IP (at the Co-Lo) or
>under DHCP (from an AirPort base station in the home office.) But in Linux,
>DHCP gets an IP but will not make any connection, and with the static IP at
>the Co-Lo it will perform for a few hours then become unreachable. Has this
>issue ever been seen? Is there any way to diagnose what is going on and
>resolve this problem?

There are 2 things you can do:

 1- Try with one CPU. The mace driver isn't really SMP safe (I can
fix that). Tell me if it helps.

 2- Tell me the mace chip version (printed by the driver during boot)
and try my latest rsync tree as a "workaround" for some broken revs
was found in Darwin and I ported it to the linux driver.


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