New API for non cache coherent ppc cpu's

Armin Kuster akuster at
Thu Nov 22 05:29:11 EST 2001

Roman Zippel wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Armin Kuster wrote:
> > About a month ago a new API made its way into the ppc,
> > consistent_sync_page.
> Another one?
> We have now 3 APIs for this:
> - cache_(push|clear): that's the old m68k API (and also used by APUS)
> - dma_cache_(inv|wback|wback_inv): used by mips(64), parisc, sh
> - consistent_sync_page: ppc
> >  For CONFIG_NOT_COHERENT_CACHE  processors,
> > requires
> > proper flushing of the page being used.  Please review and provide feed
> > back
> Two comments:
> - I'm not sure about the page argument, although I'd like to see it, the
> problem is the drivers usually don't have a page pointer.

example as it is used today.

mapping = pci_map_page(pdev,
			       ((unsigned long)cmd->request_buffer &
			       cmd->request_bufflen, dma_dir);

 * pci_{map,unmap}_single_page maps a kernel page to a dma_addr_t.
 * to pci_map_single, but takes a struct page instead of a virtual
static inline dma_addr_t pci_map_page(struct pci_dev *hwdev, struct page
				      unsigned long offset, size_t size,
				      int direction)
	if (direction == PCI_DMA_NONE)
	consistent_sync_page(page, offset, size, direction);
	return (page - mem_map) * PAGE_SIZE + PCI_DRAM_OFFSET + offset;

> - I think it was never defined, what should be done if offset/size isn't
> cache line aligned. That's especially a problem in the invalidate only
> case. I'd prefer to make this illegal, as it's mostly not a problem for
> drivers.

wouldn't it also be a problem for consistent_sync?  we don't check for
offset/size are cache line aligned.

> bye, Roman

-- armin

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