Again with the firewire

mocm at mocm at
Thu Nov 22 03:09:13 EST 2001

I don't know if you guys remember, but I posted about my problems with
my tibook and the firewire port a while ago. At that time the firewire
was broken in such a way that I couldn't boot into any MacOs anymore
and it crashed when insmodding the ohci1394 module.
Since then I had Apple take the notebook and repair it, which took
almost 3 weeks. After that firewireworked with MacOS X and 9.1 and I
didn't try it with Linux for a while.

Yesterday, I used the kernel-dev tree to build a new kernel with
firewire modules. The modules had some missing dependencies, so I took
the latest CVS from linux1394 which compiled fine and had no missing
dependencies. I modprobed ohci1394 and sbp2 and it didn't work. I
tried and still nothing. So I tried loading and
unloading the mordules a couple of times until got an error from
After that I gave up and wanted to see if MacOS still worked.
And, although I could still boot both MacOSs, as soon as I plug in the
firewire drive the system hangs. Unplugging the drive unfreezes the
system, but I couldn't get rid of the behaviour, even with
all the resets you guys told me the last time. Seems like it's broken
again. The firewire disk mode also doesn't work. This one freezes my
linux PC until I unplug the tibook.
My question is, how can the firewire chip get broken by software and
why can't it be reset? I had crashes of the Linux driver with my
desktop PC and Sony notebooks, but nothing like that ever happened there.
I guess Apple won't repair my tibook a second time, so I have to live
without firewire on the tibook, which otherwise is really great.


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